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Copper Mugs

This 100% pure copper Americaware mug is the perfect vessel for your favorite drink –the Moscow Mule. This ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka drink is traditionally served ice cold in a copper mug. Why copper? Because it takes on the cold temperature of the drink, making sure that it stays cool for longer so that you can enjoy it fully. It doesn’t matter which cold beverage you love, just pour it into one of our copper mule mugs, and it will stay chilly for a long, long time! Browse unique Moscow Mule mugs for sale below!

Copper Mugs with Unique Embossed Designs

Ice up those hot summer days with a cool drink in this classic, rustic mug. The 16oz copper mug definitely sports a unique design since it is embossed with intricate emblems. On the right side of the mug, you will find an intricate emblem of states and cities from across the USA! The next time you indulge in your favorite iced soda, you can also indulge a little in nostalgia about your favorite location in America! The natural patina coloring on the copper mug makes the designs pop. The beautiful color and design will ensure that it looks great while you sip on a cocktail, keep it as a display, or gift it to your loved ones!