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Leather Koozies

Need to keep your drinks cool but don’t have an elegant Koozie to do the trick? Don’t worry; we have your back! These insulated leather Koozies are where function and fashion come together in a luxurious leather blend. The neoprene insulated leather is a high-quality product that will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re a traveler or just someone who likes a cool soda or beer on the go, the Leather Koozie will be the perfect gift to yourself. Browse our souvenir can holders below.

Luxurious Koozies for Cool Drinks

The neoprene insulation in the Koozie will make sure that your hands stay warm while your soda or beer stays cool. The bottle cooler is embossed with different, fun designs that look great! The insulated sleeve contains locations, icons, and texts from some of the major cities and states around the United States. The high-quality leather feels luxurious to the touch, making it the perfect accessory for your drink. It is a fashionable item that nobody will mind pulling out even in the most formal events. The Leather Koozie is the perfect gift item and souvenir because it’s just plain elegant and cool.