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Need a cuddly gift for your children or your sibling’s kids? These souvenir plush toys are the best option for such moments. They’re really soft and just plain adorable. These toys will delight any stuffed animal fanatic. The Americaware Souvenir Classics™ are designed with the best materials so that they remain soft and cuddly for quite some time. These beautifully detailed toys are inspired by different animals that symbolize different states. From adorable horses to cute bison, they come in all sorts of collectible designs.

Made with the Best Materials

The toys are available in three different sizes – 4 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. The last two sizes come with the name of the location it was inspired by embroidered on the sides. The smallest one comes with fun clip-ons that can be attached to backpacks, shelves, etc. The 4-inch plush comes with a cute button with location art on it. Every plush is made with the finest stitching so that they don’t wear out too quickly. These toys are hand wash and air dry only. When your kid thinks back to their favorite childhood toys, this cuddly plush will definitely top the list.