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Shipping expenses have always been a challenge when it comes to items that are relatively low in cost, breakable, but substantial in quality and weight like our mugs and glassware. During the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping rates, which are determined by the various carriers, especially to residential addresses, have gone up substantially.  So much so, that depending on your location, the cost of shipping a single item may at times exceed the cost of the item it self.  To mitigate this unfortunate and beyond our control fact, we suggest our customers take advantage of our free freight program by purchasing multiple items together. This enables us to efficiently ship your products, as typically the cost of shipping and packaging multiple items is only slightly more than the base cost of a single item carton. Reaching the free freight threshold not only gives you more of a great product to collect or share with family and friends as gifts, but, substantially increases the value of your dollars when purchasing on Americaware on-line store. Buying only for your self? Make a set! It makes economic sense to receive two or three items for little more than the cost of a single shipped item.

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