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Medallion Shots

Whiskey Medallion Shots

The Whiskey Medallion Shots are the perfect shot-collectors’ item. These Americaware Medallion Shot Glasses are suitable for people who want a classic, elegant option to sip whiskey from. These medallion shots are the right companion for whiskey drinks since they are heavy and classic-looking. The heavyweight of each shot glass is comfortable to hold in the hand as you sip whiskey as well as throwback any other liquor or tequila. It doesn’t matter which drink you like; the experience will definitely be better with the Whiskey Medallion Shots. Each shot glass has a delicately etched pewter medallion on the front, which features some of the most iconic locations in the USA. You will be able to indulge in your favorite liquor while reminiscing about your favorite destinations.

Fun For Years

These Medallion Whiskey Shots are designed to last for a long time. The whiskey rocks glasses are made from high-quality glass, which will resist wear and tear or scratches. They are the perfect gifts for your loved ones as well as remarkable souvenir items. Whether you are a shot glass collector or just love drinking out of fun glasses, these shot glasses will be the perfect addition to your barware!