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Snow Globes

Snow Globes

Add these souvenir snow globes from Americaware to your collection to celebrate your favorite places in the United States. The highly detailed polyresin molded 3-D bases boast area-specific designs for a charming souvenir of states or cities you've previously visited, while the clear tops enclose beautiful designs for a fun reminder of road trips and cross-country adventures. Keep these attractive accents for yourself, or give them to friends and family as a keepsake of a visit to your home.

Well Made Polyresin Snow Globes

Rely on these souvenir snow globes for enduring beauty thanks to their durable polyresin construction. This gray molding mimics the look of pewter for an old-fashioned look that projects upscale elegance, and the clear globes resist freezing down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent them from breaking during cold spells. Each snow globe weighs under a pound, making them easy to move around your space when you want to redecorate.

Attractive Displays That Showcase Historical Monuments

Revisit the past or celebrate the current with beautiful snow globes that showcase your home state or where you reside now. Each one sports area-specific designs that flaunt what the locale is known for, including a forestry theme for Oregon and a Founding Fathers motif for Philadelphia. The inclusion of either snow or rain inside the globes themselves creates a beautiful display when you shake it up a bit, making these home decor accents a great keepsake for friends with a touch of homesickness. Plaques on the front name the state or city it represents alongside its date of founding for a sense of historical accuracy, and some include area mottoes or phrasing for a fashionable finishing touch.

United States Themed Visual for Limited Space

Choose between 45- and 65-millimeter versions of these United States-themed snow globes. This compact sizing makes them perfect for placement in tight spaces like wall shelves and desk ledges, and it also helps them fit beside complementary decor like flower arrangements and tabletop signage. Pair a small and large one that represents the same area to tie table displays together and create an overarching theme that grabs attention.

State Monument Snow Globes Are Great Holiday Gifts

Make friends and family feel special by gifting these state snow globes. Great for kids and adults alike, these unique snow globes have incredible flair that works well for both personal and professional presentation, giving you a wonderful way to showcase your thoughtfulness and caring.