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Ceramic Shots

Need an iconic shot glass for your Saturday night party? We got three different ceramic shot glasses for you! Shot collectors and barware collectors alike will fall in love with the Night Sky Shot, Emblem Shot, and Metallic Shot. These state souvenir shot glasses may not be made of glass, but they certainly do the job. All of the ceramic shots are made with high-quality materials, making them durable and reliable. These collectibles are fun to drink out of and go well with other barware too. They make the perfect souvenirs and come in a delightful selection of colors and patterns.

Different Varieties for Different Nights

The Night Sky Shot glass is known for its beautiful blue metallic sky painting with black silhouette icons of the best cities in the USA. This mysterious cup is a great reminder of your vacation as well as a fun carrier for alcohol. The Emblem Shot is a black matte color that looks fantastic as barware. It has raised emblems with fascinating images of famous locations, wildlife, and buildings of different states and cities. The last Metallic Shot glass has paneled black and white art across the metallic glaze background. The lettering of location names is etched into the surface with pebble beading.