Other Cool Souvenir Stuff

More Cool Souvenir Stuff

Americaware is known for its high-quality and creative mugs and shots, but they have plenty of other cool stuff too! We have a lot of cool souvenir products that travelers, collectors, and tourists love! They make for the perfect gift item since everyone loves them!

We Have Something for Everyone!

We have beautiful snow globes that have intricate designs on the inside that can be great for kids and adults alike. It will give your child a detailed idea about the most iconic places in the world, and adults will love how great it looks on the mantelpiece. Kids also love our cute and stuffed animals that make for amazing stocking fillers. These Plush toys are fun to play with and are the perfect stuffed animal to cuddle with. We also have cute slipper socks that can keep your toes warm in the cold season. Whether you love strong whiskey or cocktails, the Whiskey Glasses will be a delightful addition to your barware. They are made with high-quality materials that hold up for years to come without any issue. If you don’t drink, but love coffee, you will also enjoy the Mug Magnets! They are sturdy and can even hold your favorite stationary.