An Experience That Impacts All Five Senses

Fire floating upon the River in Providence

The Waterfire Experience

Providence offers a plethora of attractions to visitors. It offers a variety of entertainment options, rich history, and amazing dining experiences. Yet, the WaterFire has firmly established itself to be a highlight of a visit to providence. Nothing beats the magical and surreal experience that you will have here.

Stroll along the body of water that goes up in flames at dusk on the night of the event. The enchanting music that fills the air perfectly complements the spectacular shows of fire and water that you will witness as you walk along the canal. You will see lots of mesmerizing activity along the waters. There are artists, street performers, and actors that contribute to the magical feel of the event. The boats on the water have performers that perform mesmerizing fire stunts, while the WaterFire lights up the area and covers it in a distinct yellowish purple hue.

Once the fires get rolling, the “living statues” come to life! Whether you find them elegantly posing or just creepily standing there, they make up a perfect photo for your Instagram feed. The music also follows the theme of the night. For example, on the recent occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, moon-related music from several genres filled the air.

There are several Food venues that you will come across on your walk along the glowing river canal. You can munch on a number of fast-food items as you walk along the river and enjoy the fiery spectacles. The entire experience will stimulate a mixture of senses, from your sight and smell to the sense of sound. The walk across the canal is often said to leave a lasting spiritual impact through its multisensory experience.

The sights and sounds aren’t the only things that make the WaterFire magical; you also have some of the best accommodation close by as well as amazing dining options at a walking distance.

A Few Tips

It is advisable to reach the riverside venue an hour before the event kicks off. That way, you will have no problems finding a parking place or a place to sit.

You can even rent a boat or a gondola, so inquire about it beforehand.

Wear light clothes that are perfect for summer. Flip flops, tank tops, and jeans or shorts will be perfect for the occasion as it may get a bit hot as the fire fills up the river.

If you need any more information regarding Providence, RI or about the event ahead of your visit, click here to know all about the schedule of the visit, or the places to visit in Providence, RI.

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