5 Reasons Why America Loves Coffee

Americaware Coffee Mugs

What is the most lovable, delicate yet fragrant beverage every American unconditionally loves? You’re right; it’s a warm cup of coffee. If you want to savor true love, you should get into making yourself a big, cup of coffee every day.

The perfect start to a day and the coziest end to an exhausting one, here are the top reasons why people all over the country are head over heels for coffee.

1.  A Morning Must

No-one, absolutely NO-ONE who carries the love for coffee in their heart can do without a steaming cup in the morning. They may skip on a delicious looking plate of warm waffles and pancakes, but coffee? Absolutely not. It is the perfect shot to kick out Monday blues and welcome optimistic feels to start work.

2.  The Best Excuse to Make Friends

A new neighbor in your building, a crush you’ve been dying to approach, or a friend you haven’t been able to catch up with in years…Break the ice over a friendly cup of coffee. No one will suspect a thing, especially your crush. Asking someone out for coffee is the best excuse to get to the real bonding and understanding. And you’ll always have good chances because no-one ever refuses coffee.

3.  It’s Extremely Healthy

It really is. A black cuppa in the morning does wonders to stimulate your metabolism and one in the afternoon after a heavy meal works amazingly to regulate blood sugar and digest well. This is why it is often advised to people with Type II diabetes.

4.  A Roasted Flavor You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

All the other reasons are secondary when it comes to the roasted taste of fresh coffee beans. There really isn’t a match out there. It can soothe your tired senses and freshen you up in seconds!

5.  The Gorgeous Aroma

Simply smelling into your steaming cup of coffee can gently wake your senses and keep you fresh. The beautiful coffee beans bursting into an aromatic, nutty syrup as they’re whipped into fresh milk, is one heavenly sight to admire.

In addition to all these undeniable facts about this morning elixir, if you’re an ardent mug-collector, you have all the more reason to drink coffee. Check out some wonderful sturdy Mugs from Americaware, designed in the perfect size for coffee lovers!