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Why You Should Visit Salem at Halloween Time

Are you in the mood for a really good scare this Halloween? Salem, the witch capital of New England awaits you with a spooky grin! There is nothing like being in Salem on Halloween, not even close. Year round and particularly on Halloween, Salem takes advantage of its wicked history and offers a variety of attractions that retell the town’s history. If you are visiting Salem for the first time, that too on Halloween, one thing is for sure – you are in for a thrilling, horrifying experience that you won’t ever forget! To get only the slightest of an idea, dive in and read about the biggest Halloween attractions in Salem – and why people cannot stop talking about this town when it comes to Halloween. Discover a variety of fun things to do in Salem, MA below!

The land of Halloween parties

While Salem always has some interesting events going on, during the days leading up to Halloween, the calendars are extra full! The Haunted Happenings is the Halloween festival that throws different forms of entertainment and events, including a Parade, Ghost Hunts, Pumpkin Carving party, and Dog Fancy Dress. While you are at Salem for Halloween, not a day would pass by without you enjoying a hair-raising experience!

People watching and creepy costumes

Salem is booming on Halloween – you are bound to have fun in simply watching and observing people and taking pictures. Around this time of the year, everyone you see is wearing weird, scary costumes and is in such great spirits that you would want time to stop then and there. The whole vibe of the city is oh-so-amazing – there cannot be a better time to visit Salem!

Experience spine-chilling adventures at the haunted houses

There are numerous eerie haunted houses all around the city for both children and adults. The Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is a must-visit – it transforms from a Horror Film Museum to a thrilling ride full of action. In the Haunted Neighborhood, the Frankenstein’s Castle and The Haunted Witch Village are made to give you yet more scares. Halloween at Salem is all about scaring yourself silly at the haunted houses!

The Ghost Tour

We would advise you to save yourself some energy after the Haunted Houses for the spooky Ghost Tours. These tours take you around the most popular spots in Salem, revealing interesting facts about the city’s past with ghoulish stories and views. Sign up for a tour that is both informative, intriguing, and petrifying! In addition to all the Halloween events and happenings, Salem offers some mouth-watering cuisines to treat your taste buds and features many local shops and fairs to get you a jump on holiday shopping!

Salem’s Must-Visit Places

  • The Salem Witch Museum
  • The House of the Seven Gables
  • The Witch House
  • The PEM Museum

Places to eat

As much as Salem is aesthetically and sensually appealing, it has equally amazing places to eat. The most popular ones include:
  • Hawthorne Hotel Grille for affordable yet delicious food
  • Finn’s at Pickering Wharf for freshly prepared, tasty treats
  • Red’s for inexpensive lunch
  • Turner’s seafood for mouthwatering sea cuisine
  • O’Neill’s for pub food
  • The Adriatic for phenomenal Italian cuisine


Salem has a number of shops to buy yourself or your loved ones a memorable gift. And don’t forget to be on the look out for one of our Salem Americaware Mugs!
  • Salem Witch Museum store
  • Coon’s Card and Gift shop
  • Trolley Depot
  • HausWitch
  • Vamp Fangs

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