Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

While your employees should feel valued all year round, it is especially important to show them your appreciation and admiration on the annual employee appreciation day.

This year, the employee appreciation day falls on March 3rd. The best way to show the employees you care is by gifting them items that can put a smile on their faces and show them that you took the time to think about what they would like to receive.

This article dives deeper into how you can celebrate employee appreciation day this year and the tips to make this day memorable for you and your cherished employees.

Organize a Retreat

Consider organizing a company-wide retreat for your employees to a different city. The different scenery and breaking from the mundane will provide them with a refreshing change from their routine. A mini vacation in the form of a retreat will also be the perfect way to reward your employees for their hard work.

Not to mention, company retreats are extremely enjoyable experiences that allow employees to build stronger connections with each other and value their company more.

Delight Them with Meaningful Gifts

Nothing tells employees their employer appreciates them more than a meaningful gift relevant to their background. Buying gifts for a large company does not need to be expensive. Employers should look for items that add a personal touch since that would prove to be priceless.

Americaware has a wide collection of color relief mugs that have vibrant and nostalgic graphic imagery of iconic locations of every city and state. Consider gifting your employees a mug of the state that they are from. For example, consider gifting them an Arizona emblem mug or color relief mug if they are from Arizona.

If you have a bigger budget, you could also make small baskets for each employee that contain a keychain, a snack, a cookie, and a mug from Americaware. Their night sky mug collection is the perfect gift item for baskets since it adds a personal touch and is quite practical.

Make Them Happy With Food

Who doesn’t love food? Consider arranging a food truck or ordering pizzas for your employees on employee appreciation day. You could also go the extra mile and arrange DIY food for them, such as tacos, personal pizzas, or salad bars.

This enjoyable activity breaks them from their mundane routine at work and allows them to be creative, participate, have fun, and enjoy great food!

Give Them Useful, Small, and Practical Gifts

Small and useful gifts go a long way in keeping employees happy. Not only would your employees be using these gifts, but they will also be reminded of how much their employer appreciates them every time they use them.

However, before you shell out thousands of dollars on these gifts, consider opting for gifts with minimal waste, such as the stainless steel vacuum tumblers from Americaware. These keep beverages hot, making them an ideal practical gift for all employees who can take their morning coffee on the go.

Moreover, their tumblers feature a personal touch since they contain state names. Hence, you can give each employee a tumbler based on their favorite state, a state they are from, or where they had their favorite vacation.

Show Your Employees Gratitude with Americaware!

Showing your employees that you care is vital in ensuring they remain satisfied and motivated. Small tokens of appreciation can go a long way in making employees happy and valued.

Consider shopping for gifts for your employees from Americaware. Their high-quality mugs and tumblers are not just unique but also add a personal touch making them the ideal gifting item.