Funny Dog Stories for a Good Laugh!

Funny Laughing Dog

If you’re someone who loves dogs and just can’t stop themselves from snuggling up to one even on the streets, then you will definitely love these true and quirky funny dog stories. Sit up and brace for a good laugh because these dog antics are adorable and simply can’t be told with a straight face.

My Dog Steals Stuff!

My sister gifted me a pup on my 18th birthday and I was the happiest girl. Our days went pretty smooth and he always listened to me well. However, as he was growing up, my family and I started noticing missing snacks. My favorite chocolate cookies in the kitchen cupboard and my mom’s homemade donuts made in the afternoon quickly went missing by night. We all kept blaming each other until one day I saw a crumby trail leading into our basement. Upon following it, I found my cookie wrappers, crumbs, and half-bitten donuts in the basement down the stairs. I went farther in and found my dog. He had been collecting all our house snacks in the basement! I would have never suspected that naughty dog behind all of this but who’d knew.

My Dog Challenged My Phobia

My tooth had been aching for a few weeks till it got really worse and felt like a sharp knife was being jabbed into it. I decided to finally visit a dentist even though I have a phobia of dentists. I have been living alone for quite some time with only my dog at my side. We’ve seen the best and worst of life for 2 and a half years now. Quite frankly, I needed some moral support in case the dentist advised a tooth removal or a scary surgery so I decided to take my dog with me. I’m not sure if it was the best decision ever because even I was relieved at the news and wanted to rush out ASAP (My dentist just wrote me some painkillers for toothache), my dog refused, absolutely refused to leave the clinic. He slouched like a lazy bum in front of the sofa in the clinic and as much as I was grateful to just leave the dreadful clinic, it felt like he was stuck like glue to the floor! We got him up after a while but it was a lot of hard work. If you’re someone who is obsessed with pets and can’t wait to cuddle your dog as soon as you reach home, you should definitely get a dog mug from Americaware to prove your love!

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