The Perfect Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a very unique drink. While there are more adult drinks than you can name, from Margaritas to Tahiti Tidal Waves. No drink has created its own exclusive cup like the Moscow Mule. The origin story of how a humble immigrant named Sophie Berezinski came to the States with an unusual burden (2,000 copper mugs!), and used that burden and being in the right place at the right time to create a marvelous drink. Thus was the beginnings of a now iconic drink. We wont go into the full story here, but we do recommend you give it a read as it is extremely interesting.

You can find that story here:

We at Americaware love a good Moscow Mule. There are many slight variations of the recipe and what exact mix to use, but only one mix seemed to hit the right combination of tangy, spicy, sweet to us.

Moscow Mule Recipe:


2oz. of vodka

1oz. of fresh lime juice

5oz. ginger beer



Fill a copper mug with ice

Pour in your vodka

Add the lime juice and ginger beer

Stir lightly

Finally garnish with a spring of mint and a lime slice.


Now a funny thing about that recipe, would you believe that recipe creates a Moscow Mule that perfectly fits Americaware’s new Copper mugs!? Believe it or not but that is the perfect drink for our new 100% Copper Mugs, just like the drink was originally created over 75-years ago.

And if the classic Mule isn’t your thing, check out for some fruity twists on this coppery classic.

Maybe get yourself a high quality Americaware Copper Mug, and try yourself our beautiful Moscow Mule recipe. But only if you’re over 21! Cheers.