Americaware’s Best Souvenir Collections of 2018

Americaware mugs tumblers plush
One thing that all travel enthusiasts have in common is that they have all carried souvenirs home from their travel expeditions. They are usually something small yet unique and memorable. Most of the people who love traveling religiously build up a collection of keepsakes from faraway places in the world. While even a piece of driftwood or a rock can symbolize an amazing travel experience to a special location, many travelers focus on collecting something that may be of practical value as well. And there is nothing wrong with that! If you are also someone who likes to use their souvenir collection occasionally, you have got to go through the following list of some of the best Americaware souvenir collections of 2018!

1. Copper Medallion Mug Collection

This iconic souvenir collection features stylishly designed mugs with a copper medallion which have different travel location graphics. The mugs can hold up to 15 oz of beverages and are likely to make a coffee lover fall in love with them in a heartbeat! The medallion mugs in this collection are all of premium-quality, boasting a sleek, smooth finish. They are not microwave-safe and should be hand washed for maximum durability. You may choose between a classic matte black mug and a handcrafted green mug with a copper medallion of your favorite travel destination!



2. Copper Mule Mug Collection

This unique mug collection includes aesthetic mule mugs made of 100% pure copper. They feature an embossed emblem of popular travel locations, giving the souvenir pieces an extra special look. The mugs can hold up to 16 oz of beverages and are perfect for serving the Moscow Mule cocktail. Made with high-quality material, they are guaranteed to keep your iced beverages cold even on those sunny summer afternoons. All mule mugs in this collection should be hand washed and should not be used in a microwave. These unique mule mugs are perfect to store as a keepsake and can also make a lovely present to give to your loved ones.



3. Stainless Vacuum Tumbler Collection

This souvenir collection features the ideal travel partner for your car’s cup holders. The perfect drinkware is vacuum insulated and has a double wall to maintain the temperature of your beverages. The tumblers can carry up to 18 oz of liquid and are guaranteed to keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for long hours. A stainless vacuum tumbler is the ultimate travel souvenir that is super portable and comes in two colors for you to choose from. Featuring picturesque emblems of different travel destinations, this souvenir piece will definitely leave you reminiscing.



4. Plush Collection

The plush collection is one of the most adorable travel souvenirs you would not want to miss out on! Featuring four different animals; horse, armadillo, bison, and Longhorn, this collection boasts a finely stitched plush to offer the cuddliest souvenir pieces with an embroidered tag of different travel locations. These stuffed animals are ideal for hand-washing and air-drying, and will surely make a great gift for collectors or anyone that you know of.


If you are looking for the perfect souvenirs to add to your collection or as a gift for someone, then Americaware should be your go-to place! They have a huge collection of travel souvenirs that is both unique and practical. Go get yours today!