How to Make the Perfect Coffee Pour Over

Water pouring over coffee grounds

A Simple Guide for Coffee Enthusiasts

The perfect coffee pour-over is a simple process; all it involves is you, an iconic mug, a funnel, and a filter. There are no machines involved in the process since it’s just you pouring a steady, slow stream of hot water on top of fresh coffee grounds. With this method, you will be able to extract subtlety and the complex nuances of the coffee.

However, there are some steps and tips that you need to know to brew the perfect coffee pour-over.


Here are the main items you need to make the perfect coffee pour over:

  • Kettle
  • Burr grinder
  • Gram scale
  • Thermometer
  • A mug
  • Filter
  • Funnel


The grind should be consistent and uniform so that the result is high-quality taste. The burr grinder can make it easier to experiment with the grind.

Pro tip: The finer the grind, the less contact time you need for the brew.


The brew ratio will help you nail the recipe. Experts suggest that for every gram of coffee, you should use around 16-17 grams of water. Hence, the ratio is around 1:15 to 1:17. You should fiddle around with this until you find the right one.


The importance of using quality water can never be underestimated. During brewing, it is important to use high-quality water to ensure that the coffee shines through, and the gear stays in good condition. You can try different water sources to see which one gets the best results. People also get in-line filtration systems for the home, which can be the perfect water type for brewed coffee.


The perfect coffee pour-over doesn’t necessarily have to be hot since people even enjoy cold brews. There is no set best temperature at which you will get optimal results since experts often disagree over temperatures. Some coffee experts suggest that the ideal temperature is right on the boiling amount (100°C/212°F). The SCA suggests that the best temperature is between 90.5°C – 96°C/195°F – 205°F.

Pro Tip: An important thing to focus on is the stability of temperature, more than what temperature you choose to brew at. Preheating the brewer till the right temperature is important to make sure that you don’t lose heat too quickly.

Steps To Make Coffee Pour Over

  1. Heat the water to the desired temperature
  2. Measure out the coffee beans
  3. Place the filter on the mug
  4. Grind the coffee
  5. Pour the water slowly in a spiral fashion
  6. Enjoy

Making the perfect coffee pour-over will be easy when you consider all of these factors. Make sure to pour that smooth, rich cup of coffee into a high-quality, iconic Americaware mug!

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