NYC The Ultra-Fun Christmas Destination!

Christmas in New York City

New York is the city of hopes and dreams. A multi-cultural metropolis brimming with diversity, freedom, and adventures, New York is the ultimate destination for travel lovers.

If you’re planning to visit New York for a Christmas break, prepare yourself for unending fun and the most adventurous places in this beautiful city.

Here, we’ve rounded up for you some popular, thrilling spots to see in New York. Whether you want to splash into some fun while ice-skating, view a traditional parade, or enjoy the festive Christmas window displays, we have you covered for the most memorable trip ever.

1. Central Park

If you truly want to savor the Christmas holiday spirit with glimmering lights and stunning Christmas trees running along the passage, then Central Park is the first place you ought to visit as soon as you step into New York.

You can even rent some skates and glide through the swirling snow carpets at the Wollman Rink. And while you’re at it, enjoy delicious, heated snacks to beat the cold.

2. Fifth Avenue

Prepare yourself for the most gorgeous window displays with bright Christmas lights and creative prop displays that really are the highlight of the holiday season. If you’re an ardent Disney fan, then you’d absolutely love what Saks did in honor of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Intricately detailed vignettes of the princess and the dwarfs surrounded by beautiful forest creatures tell a story of their own. And, this year’s displays are going to be even more ethereal, so you better not miss out Fifth Avenue!

3. The Empire State Building

Known as the heart of New York, visit the breathtaking Empire State Building to get a view of New York’s gorgeous skyline. A romantic destination spotlight, this soaring skyscraper is one of the best places to bring along your plus one.

Enjoy the 360 degrees view of the skyline and plan a romantic dinner against the picturesque, scenic backdrop. If you’re planning a proposal, there isn’t a more ideal place for popping the question than from the top of the most stunning building in New York.

4. Macy’s Parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade did begin as a small festive event but has seen immense popularity in the past years. Now, it’s the most viewed parade of the year in New York. Every year, the parade displays enormous inflated balloons of some of the most beloved cartoon characters.

It’s always fun to watch and capture the beautiful memories.

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