6 Silly Things Cats Do – And Get Away With!

Cat in Sink

Cats are perhaps one of the most admirable animals on Earth. They have the ability to win hearts in a heartbeat. Just a tender gaze, a gentle knead or rub is enough for them to earn your admiration. However, we cannot help but say that owning a cat is just asking for a series of silly events – if you are a cat owner, you would agree! But they are so cute that they always get away with it!

Here are six things that cats get away with, which people never can!

1. Sitting on the laptop

Cats do not always like sitting on the laptop but when they do, they make sure you have something important to work on. And then the face they make when you try pushing them away – you just can’t help but forgive them instantly!

2. Give me attention’, *given*, ‘I’ll claw you now!’

One of the weirdest things cats love to do is begging for your attention and then viciously clawing at you when you give it. It is like they want belly rubs – and exactly three of them, on the fourth, they will bite you!

3. Bringing you surprise presents

Cats love to bring you a ‘surprise’ gift even if you never asked for it. How sweet of them to bring a dead mouse or a little bird as a present to show their love for you! How can you possibly doubt their love now?

4. The food blindness

One of the funniest things cats do is food blindness. They cannot spot their food even if it is RIGHT IN FRONT of them! What makes it even funnier is the fact that they will easily spot the bird from across the yard but won’t find the meat piece you dropped in front of their eyes unless you point at it several times! But you still do it, right? Cats win yet again!

5. Ignoring the thoughtful presents for the boxes

Whenever you decide to buy your cat a present, it decides to take joy in the simplest things, like a box. How sweet! If you buy an expensive, comfortable bed for your cat, it will always find the sink a better place to sleep in from then onwards, and especially when you need to use it!

6. The mindless destruction

Cats love tapping on anything that is lying still on a surface to make it crash to the ground. But they look so cute doing it, and you end up laughing at them for causing mindless destruction. These are some of the silliest yet funniest things cats tend to do – and despite getting a little annoyed deep inside, you cannot help but think they’re sooo cute!

Let’s not forget that October 29th is National Cat Day. Celebrate the cat(s) in your life for their silly behavior, companionship and unconditional love! For more information regarding the National Cat Day click the below link:


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