Hairball Awareness

Tabby Cat

If you have cats, chances are you have dealt with some pretty nasty little surprises from your furry friend. April 28th is Nation Hairball Awareness Day and we thought it would be a disservice if we didn’t help our fellow cat owners out with some great tips on dealing with and prevent hairballs.

Some easy and common Home remedies include putting Tuna Fish Oil in your cat’s food to help lubricate their digestive tract. Or giving your cat a bath with Hair Conditioner, strengthening their coat will cause less shedding and thus the cat is less likely to swallow its own fur. See more of these easy tips here:

If you aren’t comfortable with the home remedy solution, there are still a couple of tips you can get from that offers another approach to cat hairball prevention.

Whatever remedies or preventions you choose for your kitty, surely both you and your cat will enjoy not having to deal with sticky, nasty hair balls.

And should the cat hairball home remedies above not work out, make sure you have a nice cup of coffee in the morning to help you deal with your wet hairy surprises.


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