Easter Gift Ideas

Beverly Hills Mug with Easter Candy

Easter Mug Baskets

Americaware Mugs make fantastic gift baskets, and what better way to show off creative Easter gift ideas than with a little Easter Mug basket. The Easter Mug Basket is an incredibly easy gift to put together. Simply take an Americware mug of choice, there are hundreds of options to choose from,  a favorite city, a favorite color, a favorite pet, take your pick, any mug will do. Gather up some tasty treats, chocolates, jelly beans, Peeps, iconic Easter themed candies in general will fill the mug and what you choose can vary depending on who is getting this nice little gift.

After laying out your candies, simply fill the mug with the delights but be careful to arrange them in such a way that each one grabs your eye. Like a bouquet of treats. Then take a sheet of clear wrap or colored cellophane and wrap up the whole package to keep it together. Top with a bow, or festive ribbon and you’re done.

Candy treats for Easter, in a Mug Basket that can be used for years on end. A great gift for the coffee lover in your life with a bit of a sweet tooth.