Why We Love Our Pets

Pets are Amazing for Improving Heart and mental health

No companionship is more beautiful than the one between a human and his pet. It is the purest form of love and friendship that simply can’t be put into words. Here are some cuddly reasons on why we love our pets so much.

1. Because They Give Us a Healthy Heart and Mind

It has been scientifically proven that pet owners are likely to have a healthy heart and mind. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, pet-owners suffering from chronic diseases notice an improvement in their heart’s capability to adapt. They have a faster and more improved heart rate.

In fact, children who grow up with furry friends are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. Pets also have an incredible positive correlation with mental health. Dogs are great at encouraging their owners to get up and exercise. Sweating it out with your pet helps manage depression and loneliness. Even stroking the soft, furry coat of your pet can help quell anxiety and nervousness.

2.  Because Their Companionship is Irreplaceable

No matter what you’re going through, your cuddle buddy will always be there for a warm furry hug. Even when you look your worst, your pet will always be there to bust a bad day with its quirky antics and precious love.   

3.  Because They Love Us Unconditionally

Our pets may not be able to spell out their affection, but we certainly know their love is pure and unconditional. We can all recall a handful of crazy pet stories that instantly remind us of the irreplaceable and precious bond we have with our furry darlings.

For instance, John and Shelly, a blissful couple, proclaimed their wedding vows in front of a meowing crowd of guests. The couple had adopted their favorite kitten from a feline sanctuary and a year later, they decided to hold their wedding at the same animal shelter.

Or, for example, Coffee – a mother pooch— refused to eat, drink, or smile until Sophia – the dog’s warm and kind owner— properly recovered from her painful tummy surgery. Coffee resumed eating only after she saw her owner smile and sip some warm soup after a week in the hospital.

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