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Shot Glass

Looking for some unique shot glasses that will wow even the most experienced shot collectors? We have just the shot glasses for you. This etched shot glass is the perfect barware to impress your guests or customers. Throw back some liquor in style with this unique, beautiful line of colored glass shot glasses. They make for an engaging conversion starter and a fun drinking experience, perfect for shot collectors, souvenirs, barware collectors, or basically anyone who likes to drink. Browse city and state shot glasses below.

Fun, Unique Designs

The colorful graphic imagery on each shot glass will leave you in wonder. Every shot glass is etched with a beautiful design that highlights monuments, buildings, or scenery from different locations. You’ll be able to find many states and cities that have been captured spectacularly well in the collection. The colored shot glasses are heavyweight, so they won’t break easily. They’re made with high-quality materials that last for a long time. The hefty bottom and unique shape make drinking out of these glasses an interesting experience. The design and lettering are hand-painted, so it is definitely a unique barware to have around. You definitely want this unique shot glass around for your next party!