Get Your Irish On For St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish Coffee

St. Patrick’s Day is a time-honored tradition all over the country. A time to get together with friends and loved ones and drink until you forget what day it is. It’s Americaware’s second favorite holiday behind Thanksgiving, because if we can’t eat ourselves silly…why not drink ourselves silly (safely of course). And we wouldn’t be Americaware, the company with the best souvenir coffee mugs in the world, if we didn’t bring up a good old fashion Irish Coffee for Saint Patties Day.

What is Irish Coffee? You ask. Well it’s simple really. Take Coffee. Add Whiskey. Top with whipped cream. Enjoy. Okay maybe there is a little more to it than that. You need to get your ratios right otherwise you look like a crazy person just throwing random stuff into a mug. But the trick to this drink is to serve it in a warm glass or mug in order to keep the drink at a steady serving temperature.


2 2/3 oz (4 parts) Hot coffee

1 1/3 oz (2 parts) Irish whiskey

1 tsp. Brown sugar

1 oz (1½ parts) Fresh cream

But if you’re not in the mood for a hot drink, then maybe a pint of Guinness, an American (16oz) Pint that is, which fits nicely in the Americaware Emblem Mug. After all, this mug was inspired by the “black and tans” served in old style Irish Pubs.

Americaware California Emblem Mug

But we realize that drinking isn’t for everyone. And to those people we question but we don’t judge, instead we offer some exciting travel options for getting your St. Patty kicks around the country. Here are a couple of exciting places to visit for some Saint excitement.

New York City should be no surprise as the first suggestion on my little list here. The St. Patrick’s Day parade is probably the most famous national St Patrick’s event in the country, and there is something to be said about seeing a huge parade production in person. If you have the chance to be in New York for St. Patrick’s Day, then the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is an event you can’t afford to miss. Check out the helpful map of the parade route.

New York St Patricks day parade routeFor more information about the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day Parade click on the link below:

Speaking of parades, coming in second place for the most over the top St. Patrick’s Day celebration to not be missed is the Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day parade. A parade so crazy it turns the river green with envy….or just dye. Either way this is another party that is definitely checking out in person if you’re about. Just don’t go swimming in the river; it’s a weird color this time of year.

Chicago River St Patricks day

Photo by Max Talbot-Minkin/ Flickr

For more information on Chicago and the River Dyeing, St. Patrick’s Day Parade etc. Click on the below link:

Savannah, Georgia brings out the festivities with live music, dying the Forsyth Park Fountain green, and perfect drinking weather. Parades, drinking, food, music, and a green fountain all make for another party worth checking out. And even better, Savannah is hot this time of year, which is all the excuse we need to get inside a local bar for a cold one, if you know what I mean.

For more information on St. Patrick’s Day Events in Savannah click on the below link:

Some other honorable mentions that we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up. Boston is home to citywide events, parades, food festivals, live concerts, and more providing everything an eager St Patty’s celebrator could ever want. Then there is New Orleans, which….well it’s New Orleans, if it isn’t obvious why New Orleans is a hot spot for a good Saint Patrick’s Day party, then we can’t help you.

Enjoy your St Patty’s Day Celebration!