Mugs Muffins & Mum

Mug Muffin and Mum

Looking for a quick and easy gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day? Americaware has got you covered with another gift mug idea. Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with a morning coffee/tea mug filled with a delightful muffin. Create a thoughtful and yummy gift mug for your mom by selecting one of your mom’s favorite Americaware city or state mug and stuff it with her favorite muffin. It’s a simple gift that not only serves as a treat but also gives your mom a mug she can use for years to come. An Americaware Muffin Mug gift is easier and cheaper than a day at the spa (which is what she REALLY wants), but it’s the thought that counts. Wrap the mug and muffin with colored cellophane gift wrap, tie it up with a fancy satin ribbon or a special gift flower/ribbon combo.

Mom Day Gift Mug